The Book Beyond Time is an Epic Fantasy Novel crafted by author Annie Carter

Author – A. M. Carter

  • Dabbles in a wide variety of pursuits from writing to teaching German.
  • Was inspired to write The Book Beyond Time for three sons as they began to enter their teenage years.
  • Admits to being a bit obsessed with technology, acquiring a range of gadgets to enable writing anywhere and everywhere.
  • Can often be found penning blog posts, strumming a guitar or composing 140 characters on Twitter.
  • Once lived in New York and learnt to rollerblade in Central Park. Had first article published in New Jersey.
  • Taught by a great English teacher at 13, who wrote on an essay “You have the makings of a writer, I think”. (If you’re reading this Mr Smart – you were pivotal in my enjoyment or learning and education).
  • Is also a volunteer schools worker.
  • Has lived in Cambridgeshire since 2000.
About Author A M Carter (Annie Carter), writer of The Book Beyond Time

Inspiration for the Story

A series of events led me to write the Book Beyond Time…

I was putting my youngest son to bed one evening, sometime in 2010, when I began telling an adventurous tale – something about a knight, though I really can’t recall any of the details. Over the next few evenings my son requested more of the story, which I attempted before getting stuck and promising to come up with a better story soon.

After one such bedtime, I came downstairs and became enthused as characters and place names started to take over my thoughts and imagination. Soon after followed theme and plot ideas, more characters, the world of Krinton… the foundations of a novel. For several days, many more ideas continued to develop, which I collated in a simple document. I couldn’t ignore the story building within me, but wasn’t sure whether to invest time and energy into creating a book. I am a writer, but I knew that didn’t make me a novelist.

Within a few weeks I heard the news that my Dad was seriously ill and would need major surgery. The future was uncertain. It was at this moment that I decided to pursue writing The Book Beyond Time. I wanted to write it for my sons, and knew that it was something I must do. The story would be a coming of age book, a bit like Pilgrim’s Progress, with a whole new twist. I contacted an editor and writing coach that I had read about online, asking if she might be interested in working with me. She was. With her guidance and assistance, I began writing the story, fitting it in around my p/t job, voluntary work and family responsibilities. It was a slow process, including countless edits and amendments, but the project became my passion and purpose. The novel is dedicated to my Dad, who died in January 2012.